Real Estate

Real Estate in Turkey: Your Guide to Buying and Investing

Turkey, with its continuously growing real estate sector is in high favor among foreign enterpreneurs who want to invest in real estate.
Real estate keeps evolvlng in Turkey every single day due to its unique geographical location blessed with beautiful nature, deep blue seas, friendly Turkish people and favorable economic conditions.
The initiation of new legislations and regulations have eased the process of buying real estate in Turkey offering a variety of options from villas amidst pristine nature to modern apartments and vacant land.
Turkey offers to be the home of your dreams with its convenient location only a few hours away from Europe, Asia, Africa and Russia, its diversity of nature and its sunny southern coast embroidered with beautiful beaches.
Foreign legal and natural entities have the right to acquire property in accordance with the reciprocity principle between countries. Yet, investors from countries where the principle does not apply can get information form Turkish Embassies and Consulates located there.
Foreign investors can purchase private or commercial property from all areas that have construction permit. Foreigners can purchase property in Turkey unless the property exceeds 25,000 square meters.
Turkey has ideal places to offer to investors who want to realize their dreams amidst breathtaking natural landscapes.