Shopping in Turkey: A Shopper’s Paradise

Shopping, as old as the history of mankind, began with the exchange of goods and reached another dimension with the discovery of money. Turkey has always been an important trade center since many important trade routes have led through the Anatolian lands for centuries.

Nowadays, Turkey is not only rich in shopping alternatives ranging from historical shopping locations to modern shopping malls but also the symbol of diversity of products.

The world’s first shopping center, the Grand Bazaar, was built to revive the city by the time Istanbul was conquered and is of great importance even today. This historical shopping center where craftsmen offer a variety of artifacts to their customers is among the must-see attractions of Istanbul. The domed structure and interior of the Bazaar will take you on a time travel to the past.

Spice Bazaar (Misir Çarşisi), which fascinates visitors with its dazzling colors, is another historical center where among other things spices and similar Turkish flavors are offered.

The hans and caravanserais in major cities such as Bursa, Gaziantep, Izmir, Antalya and Trabzon, once located on important trade routes like the Silk Road, Spice road and Kings Road, still serve as local shopping centers as they did in the past.

Today, more than 300 modern shopping malls spread all over Turkey offer quality products in addition to entertainment opportunities. Most of these malls open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, are big enough to offer all sorts of brands at one location.

The majority of shopping malls, where one can find a wide range of products from local firms to the world’s leading brands, are easily accessible through advanced transportation networks. The shopping centers provide for everything customers may need, including entertainment facilities where one can spend his leisure time.

Shopping enthusiasts can find the world’s leading brands and even meet designers at a variety of shopping festivals, which multiply in number every passing year, and enjoy the festival activities while benefitting from the special price discounts.

Istanbul Shopping Fest, is the first and the largest one of these festivals. Festival activities are organized all around Istanbul featuring special guests and designs in addition to special discounts. During the festival, organized from March to April every year, large department stores and shopping malls stay open until late at night enabling shoppers to enjoy their time to the fullest extend.

Ankara Shopping Fest is held in July every year and draws attention as the shopping festival of Anatolia. Including a series of concerts and activities in its program the festival offers visitors an entertaining shopping festivity.

Laleli Shopping Fest is organized in Laleli district of Istanbul where different designs by a variety of trademarks of high quality are exhibited. The festival takes place between May and June every year and includes various activities besides fashion shows.

GalataModa Shopping Fest, held on various dates every year, is the hub of alternative designs. Visitors of Istanbul may visit also the exhibitions of the works of talented designers besides enjoying the beautiful sceneries of the city.

Istanbul may also be refered to as Turkey’s shopping capital where the headquarters of top trademarks, speciality stores, designer boutiques and a variety of shopping centers are located. The gateway to the latest trends from all over the world, Istanbul offers everything from the tiniest pieces to the largest products.

Of course, there are also various historical and traditional shopping centers everywhere in Turkey where local products can be bought. It is possible to buy a variety of local products such as delicacies, souveniers and textiles in every corner of Turkey. Indeed, the most special gifts are found in the small locations of Anatolia.

Most shopping centers apply easy terms of payment for the shoppers’ convenience.