This unique ancient city was named after Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love. The origins of the city could be traced back to the late Neolithic ages. Following the rise of the Roman supremacy in the region during the 2nd century BC, a holy attribute had been added to the city. Aphrodisias is located 38 km south of Nazilli, in the Geyre village of the Karacasu district. Despite the devastating effect of a major earthquake in the 7th century AD that had hit the city, it is a very well-preserved ancient site. The Temple on the north side is at the centre of the city. Together with this temple, Tetrapylon, the richly decorated gate erected in the 2nd century, is among the must-see remnants of the city. Also, the Agora, the Odeon with a capacity of 8000 seats, the Bishop’s Palace and the Baths make the scene in Aphrodisias spectacular. Prof. Kenan Erim, who started the first excavations in the area in 1961, is now buried in Aphrdoisias to which he remained fully devoted and had personal affection throughout his life. Today, only a quarter of the city has yet been brought to daylight.

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