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Best Things To Do in Bursa

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This big city has its fair share of hustle and bustle, but that doesn’t mean it skimps on providing visitors with an authentic Turkish experience. Grand Mosque of Bursa features works by some of Turkey’s most famed artists, including Ali Neccar . Covered Market (Kapali Çarsi) is open to the public and The Koza Han or the upscale shops in Centrum provide hours of shopping. But if you’re drained from a long day of sightseeing, you might want to rest at an open-air café, especially the ones that skirt Plaza Mayor. Once your energy is restored, enjoy sampling some choice specialties at a tapas bar, such as Drop Lounge near Uludağ, before hitting the club.

1. Art Museums: Brimming with quality art museums, the city of Bursa is known as one of the best places – if not simply the best place – in the world to see European art or even art period.

2. Nightlife: Leman Kültür is a very popular spot amongst the university students. Its name originally comes from a comic magazine. Ka Bar is Turkey’s version of a British pub. The lights are soft, the music changes depending on the crowd, but the taps flow freely and the bar & tables are arranged for easy socializing. There are even a couple of dart boards in the back. In the summer, there is a beer garden in the back. Easily a place where you can loose track of time….

3. Cafes: Café culture, while a delicious legacy of the past, is still a strong, modern feature in Bursa. Beautiful cafes are everywhere and Bursa locals love to while away the hours over a cup of coffee and a newspaper or a round of beers in little cups with a group of their friends. The profusion of sidewalk cafes in the summertime especially feels like a blessing to locals and visitors alike.

4. Street Culture: People always seem to be out socializing in the streets at all hours in Bursa, especially during the warmer months. From children playing in the squares to young adults hanging out with their friends on street corners to senior citizens busy chatting on the many benches, you will never be alone in Bursa.

5. Late Dining: The fact is that people just tend to eat late in Bursa. When most people around the world have long finished and forgotten about their meals, Bursa locals are just getting ready to eat.

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