The Turkish Cuisine abounds with delicious pastries as the most indispensable components of afternoon teas and Anatolian breakfasts.

Prepared with filling ingredients such as meat or vegetables or without any filling ingredients, these delightful pastry dishes can be eaten at any time of the day.

Kayseri mantısı (Turkish ravioli), forty pieces of which are said to fit in one tablespoon, in addition to pancakes and breads, bagels, kete, griddle cakes, pretzels are among the most renown local tastes waiting for you.

One of the main ingredients of Turkish culinary culture is bread. Made in a variety of ways, the types of bread tend to differ in all regions of the country.

White bread is one of the most widely consumed bread at meals. Cornbread, Trabzon bread, pide (flat bread), barley and rye bread, bazlama (flat baked bread), tandır ekmeği (tandoor bread) are among the varieties of Turkish bread. In Turkey, bread may also be made with ingredients such as chard, anchovies or leek. Apart from that bread, a vital element of the Turkish kitchen, may also be used as ingredient in the making of meatballs and even desserts.

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