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The most popular of the many blue voyage routes in Turkey, legendary voyages on the sea of civilizations. Blue voyage routes and destinations, natural wonders, ancient cities and blue voyage opportunities.


Bodrum – Gokova: Bodrum is called as the land of eternal blue. This route covers an amazing color mixture of blue and green on an endless calm water of the Aegean shores, from Bodrum to Gokova.

Bodrum – Marmaris: This route covers unexplored heavens as starting from Bodrum and travels around Hisaronu and Marmaris.

Marmaris – Knidos: The heavely mystique and peaceful bays of Marmaris, the ancient Knidos is phenomenon and worth to see. Marmaris is an important tourism center of the Aegean Region as well as being one of the largest yachting centers of the region.

Marmaris – Fethiye: Fethiye and Marmaris the heavenly coasts that conjuncts Aegean and Mediterranean Sea together. This blue voyage route has lots of special coves which are also indispensable stops for the blue voyager.

Fethiye – Oludeniz: This route maybe the most breath taking natural wonders along the way. Fethiye is located in a cove inside the Fethiye Bay, open to the north and surround by the pine trees behind, where small and large islets are sprinkled around.

Fethiye – Kekova: This route is another experience of human being with mother nature. Kekova is a heaven an on earth where the nature unites with the history and turquoise waters are surrounded with thousands of coves.
Fethiye – Ekincik: This route gives an opportunity to discover beautiful nature of Fethiye and Oludeniz. Described as a paradise the God has bestowed upon the world, Oludeniz is a tourism center owned by the world with its fame overflowing abroad.


Kemer – Kekova: This route has a tectonic earth shape. Kemer is a holiday area of rare beauty where the sea, beach, sun and history go hand in hand, presenting and unmatched beauty to the all visitors with its historical places.

Antalya – Kas: This route which covers Kemer has a naturally rich destination. Kas is another protected harbour where you can spend the night, 15 km. away from Kalkan.


Marmaris – Greek Islands – Bodrum: This route is one of the most popular blue voyage routes from Turkey to the Greek islands.

Bodrum – Greek Islands : This route is the other popular route from Turkey to the Greek islands.

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