Windsurfing is another activity that can be done at the windy coasts of the Marmara and Aegean seas.

Alacati and Marmaris are among the most popular Aegean coasts where windsurfers can enjoy the adrenaline-filled ride on the surfboard.

The bays around Cesme, Bodrum and Datca peninsulas, as well as Antalya, have ideal wind conditions for windsurfing. Turkey’s Aegean shores are among the best windsurfing and kite surfing areas in the Mediterranean. The coastal plain enjoys an exceptionally mild climate, with soft, verdant springs, hot summers, sunny autumns and warm winters marked by occasional showers. For windsurfing and sun-bathing summer months are ideal.

Alacati has a shallow area that extends 500 meters out from the beach. Combined with flat water, no tides or currents, this is a perfect place to improve technique, speed surfing and freestyle. It is an ideal place to learn to water start. The wind in Alacati (in Cesme) is an accelerated Meltemi that is funneled through the hills. A local thermal effect caused by the dry hills heating up increases the strength. It’s windy all the time, most reliable in the summer. The wind will blow for a large part of the day, the strongest being in the afternoon. From May to end September the wind is medium to strong (2-6 beaufort) and during the winter strong southerly winds take over from October to March (4-8 beaufort).

In Bodrum – Bitez area the season runs from late May to Early November with the strongest winds being in June through September. During the morning the wind is gentle making it ideal for the rookies, followed by hard winds for the trained surfer in the afternoon. Temperatures are hot all times, except during the night during the first few weeks at the beginning and end of the season. The sea is warm throughout.

Teos is located on the west coast south of Izmir and a great place for beginners and others that need to get techniques like the water start, turns and tricks straightened out. The bay has a shallow area so that you can stand, where’s once out of the bay the space is free for speeding or slalom. The most consistent wind is the Meltemi during the summer months, blowing from the north/northwest reaching 5 to 6 beaufort in strength. When you’re in the bay and something comes up that you can’t make it back to shore, the wind will just make you drift to one side of the bay, so you can just take your rigging and walk along the shoreline back to where you launched. Round noon-ish it tends to die down a little, but picks up again in the afternoon.

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