Business In Turkey

Business in Turkey: Opportunities and Insights

A commercial center for many centuries, Turkey is one of the most appealing regions both for its developing opportunities and stable economy.
The crossroads of three continents, Turkey attracts the attention of all enterpreneurs from small and medium seized enterprises to large-scale companies as a commercial center offering new oppurtunities every year.
Turkish economy supports investments and their development by providing incentives and offers many opportunities for business solutions.
The Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency list 10 reasons why to invest in Turkey. Some of them are as follows:
Successful economic development, population, qualified and competitive workforce, liberal environment receptive to new investments, infrastructure, a central location, Europe’s energy corridor and terminal, low taxes and incentive opportunities, a large internal market since Customs Union with the EU in 1996.
Enacted in 2003, the Foreign Direct Investment Law in support of foreign investments cancelled the elimination system and replaced it with the monitoring system while the necessity of procuring prior consent was cancelled and replaced by the obligation to provide information.
The Investment Advisory Committee Council and coordination committees, established to support foreign investments and inform investors, are easy to reach and in service any time.
According to OECD reports, Turkey, which has the fastest growing economy in Europe, will attain a much more stable position until 2017 by maintaining its status as the fastest growing economy among member countries.