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Explore the ancient wonders and natural beauty of Harput, a historical gem in Elazığ, Turkey. Discover Harput Castle, Ulu Camii, and the serene Lake Hazar. #Harput #AncientHistory #TravelTurkey #ExploreElazığ

Discovering Harput: A Journey Through History

Introduction to Harput

Nestled within the province of Elazığ, Turkey, Harput is a town steeped in history that dates back to 2000 BC. Known for its majestic Harput Castle and a plethora of historical monuments, Harput offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient and medieval eras. This article invites travel enthusiasts to explore Harput, a place where the past seamlessly blends with the present, creating a unique and enriching travel experience.

The Rich History of Harput

Harput’s history spans over 4000 years, making it one of the most historically significant regions in Anatolia. Originally inhabited by the Urartians, Harput later became an important center for various civilizations, including the Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans. Each of these cultures left their mark on Harput, contributing to its rich and diverse heritage.

Harput Castle

The centerpiece of Harput is undoubtedly the Harput Castle. Also known as the “Milk Castle” due to a legend that it was constructed using mortar mixed with milk, this fortress has stood the test of time. Built by the Urartians and later expanded by the Romans and Byzantines, the castle offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can explore its ancient walls, hidden passages, and the remnants of old fortifications, providing a tangible connection to Harput’s storied past.

Historical Monuments and Sites

The Great Mosque (Ulu Camii)

The Great Mosque of Harput, known as Ulu Camii, is one of the oldest mosques in Anatolia. Built in the 12th century during the reign of the Artuqid dynasty, the mosque is renowned for its unique architecture and intricate stone carvings. The leaning minaret of the mosque adds a distinctive charm to the structure, making it a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Sarahatun Mosque

Another significant religious site in Harput is the Sarahatun Mosque, also known as the Alacalı Mosque. Constructed in the late 16th century, this mosque is an excellent example of Ottoman architecture. The mosque’s elegant design and serene ambiance offer a peaceful retreat for visitors seeking spiritual solace.

The Virgin Mary Church

The Virgin Mary Church, also known as the Harput Armenian Church, is a testament to the region’s diverse religious history. Built in the 18th century, this church reflects the rich cultural tapestry of Harput, which was home to various ethnic and religious communities. The church’s well-preserved architecture and serene setting make it a poignant reminder of the town’s multicultural past.

Mansur Baba Tomb

The Mansur Baba Tomb is a significant Sufi shrine in Harput. It is dedicated to Mansur Baba, a revered Sufi mystic, and serves as a place of pilgrimage for many. The tomb’s simple yet profound architecture, along with its tranquil surroundings, provides a spiritual experience for visitors.

The Natural Beauty of Harput

Harput Valley

The Harput Valley is a stunning natural landscape that complements the historical richness of the town. The valley offers picturesque views, lush greenery, and a serene environment, making it a perfect spot for hiking and nature walks. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the valley while exploring the natural beauty that surrounds the ancient town.

Lake Hazar

Located a short drive from Harput, Lake Hazar is another natural gem of the region. This tectonic lake is known for its clear waters and beautiful scenery. It’s an ideal location for recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and picnicking. The lake also provides a refreshing contrast to the historical sites of Harput, offering visitors a chance to relax and unwind.

Cultural and Traditional Aspects

Harput Houses

The traditional Harput houses are an essential part of the town’s cultural heritage. These historic houses, with their unique architecture and design, reflect the lifestyle and traditions of the people who lived here centuries ago. Walking through the old streets lined with these houses, visitors can get a sense of the town’s cultural and social history.

Local Cuisine

No visit to Harput would be complete without sampling its local cuisine. The region is known for its delicious and diverse food, which includes traditional Turkish dishes as well as unique local specialties. Dishes such as Harput köftesi (meatballs), içli köfte (stuffed meatballs), and various kebabs are a treat for the taste buds. Visitors can enjoy these culinary delights at local restaurants and cafes, adding a flavorful dimension to their travel experience.

Festivals and Events

Harput hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating its rich cultural heritage and traditions. These events offer a glimpse into the town’s vibrant community life and provide opportunities for visitors to engage with local customs and festivities. Notable events include the Harput Culture and Arts Festival, which features music, dance, and traditional crafts, showcasing the town’s artistic and cultural diversity.

Planning Your Visit to Harput

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Harput is during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) months when the weather is pleasant, and the natural beauty of the region is at its peak. These seasons offer ideal conditions for exploring both the historical sites and the natural landscapes of Harput.

Getting There

Harput is accessible via Elazığ, which has its own airport with regular flights from major cities in Turkey. From Elazığ, visitors can reach Harput by car or public transportation. The town is also well-connected by road, making it easy to travel to and from other parts of the country.


Harput and Elazığ offer a range of accommodation options, from modern hotels to charming guesthouses. Visitors can choose from various lodging options that suit their preferences and budget, ensuring a comfortable stay while exploring the historical and natural wonders of Harput.


Harput is a destination that beautifully weaves together the threads of history, culture, and nature. From its ancient castle and historic mosques to its stunning valleys and traditional houses, Harput offers a rich and immersive travel experience. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, or someone looking to explore the cultural depths of Turkey, Harput promises an unforgettable journey through time and tradition.

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